Gatehouse Bank

Website Development

What We Did

  • Website Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Bespoke Applications


Gatehouse Bank wanted an easy to use and fully featured system to allow them to easily update their site regularly and have structured templates for the various sections within their website.

Our Solution

Built on our D:CMS framework, the Gatehouse Bank website now gives the Client an intuitive platform to update and manage their website content.  The site has numerous sections and customised templates that required different content and assets to deliver the front end information.

We created specific layouts and templates to make this process easy and clean and to share content between sections.

The site has been running on our D:CMS plaform for over two years with regular updates to the functionality and enhancements for delivery.  


DEKO have been commissioned to develop further group websites for Gatehouse Bank to promote other services within the bank.

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